Weed Control Service

Personalized weed control service designed around your yard, with year-round support.

Our weed control treatment plan is designed for you. Our plan is a multi-step process including spraying pre-emergent for known weeds, applying specialized fertilizers to strengthen your lawn against weeds, and spot spraying as needed for any that get through.


Our 7-Step Weed Control Program

Visit 1 - Pre-Spring

Liquid pre-emergent for crabgrass and
broadleaf weeds.

Visit 2 - Spring

Liquid pre/post-emergent for crabgrass and
broadleaf weeds containing biostimulants with
sea kelp. This application will also control
existing weeds.

Visit 3 - Early Summer

Fertilize with controlled release
nitrogen and micronutrients to
encourage a healthy lawn with long
lasting results. Spot spray for weeds
as necessary.

Visit 4 - Mid-Summer

Apply a slow release fertilizer with iron. This
application continues feeding the turf while
increasing color. Spray for weeds as

Visit 5 - Late Summer

Fertilize grass with essential nutrients
preparing the turf for transition into fall. Spray
for weeds as necessary.

Visit 6 - Fall

Application of liquid fertilizer with
pre-emergent. This will help control weeds and
enhance the root system to store nutrients for
next season. Spray for weeds as necessary.

Visit 7 - Winter

Application of pre-emergent that controls all
major weeds with superior residual control of
crabgrass, poa annua, annual sedge, and
goosegrass. Spray for weeds as necessary.


specialized lawn care programs

Treatment plan designed for you

We have a specialized plan for your lawn. We use different minerals and fertilizers depending on the grass in your lawn. Fescue, Bermuda, Zoysia, we know what to do with all types of grass.

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