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Our number one goal for your lawn is to get the weeds out! Whenever we do fertilizer applications, we also spot-spray any weeds that we see in your lawn. Most of our weed control applications contain fertilizer that your lawn’s roots will benefit from.

During the first year of receiving our treatment program, we may also recommend additional weed control applications for problem weeds like dallisgrass, nutsedge, wild violets and onions, and winter weeds. After the first year, our standard program should be sufficient to keep your lawn looking its best!

These terms are between you and Tifway Lawn, LLC and govern our respective rights and obligations.

Tifway Lawn, LLC  is licensed and insured. Please note that your use of any Tifway Lawn, LLC  services are also governed by our conditions of use, and, if you sign up with us, you accept these terms, conditions, limitations and requirements. Please read these Terms carefully.

COVID-19 Policy: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Tifway Lawn, LLC will follow all government mandated restrictions. Our technicians have been trained to follow safety procedures regarding but not limited to Personal Protective Equipment and Social Distancing. In the event that an employee that interacted with clients test positive for COVID-19, we will notify any clients that have had service done by that employee in the proceeding five (5 days). 

Satisfaction: If for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied with your services, please contact us within 24 hours to resolve the issue. We pride ourselves on exceeding our clients’ expectations and we want to keep communication open.

Quality Guarantee: Should you have a non-fungus related issue between regularly scheduled applications, just give us a call! Service calls are free for full program customers that have had our services for at least a full season. We will respond within 48 hours of notification about scheduling a service call.. 

If the next round of service is scheduled to be done within the next ten days, we will perform the next scheduled round. 

Electronic Billing: We at Tifway Lawn, LLC have gone to strictly paperless billing to reduce paper waste and limit contact due to COVID-19 restrictions. Tifway Lawn, LLC, is not responsible for past due accounts due to invalid email addresses on file, emails being redirected to the Junk/Spam folder, or any other unforeseeable circumstances. If for any reason you believe you have not received a bill for service, please contact the office to determine if there is a balance due and verify the email address on file. 

Printing Charge: To encourage electronic billing, at our discretion, a $5 charge will be made for printing a physical billing document such as an invoice or a statement. Providing an email address and accepting a digital version of billing documents will help you avoid this fee. By providing your email address, you also authorize Tifway Lawn, LLC. to send marketing material and other electronic communications.

Payment Policies: We accept Cash, Checks, Apple Pay, Venmo, and Cash App, We will be happy to provide assistance with how to use Apple Pay, Venmo, and Cash App. Payment is expected within 30 days of service. Account balances over 90 days old will cause the account to go on Credit Hold and service will not continue until the account is caught up.

Prepay Refund Policy: Services that are prepaid may qualify for a prepay discount. In the event of cancellation before completion of prepaid services, any refund will be adjusted to reflect the full cost that would have been otherwise charged before prepay discount on completed services. A cancellation fee may also be assessed upon cancellation of prepaid services. At Tifway Lawn, LLC’s discretion, cancellation of services due to the client moving from the service address may be transferred to a new account without penalty if the client remains in the service area and may have the prepay discount applied to remaining services for the new service address. Be aware that the client is responsible for any additional amount due to the price difference between services at the old service address and the new service address. Any excess amount may be kept on the account as a credit or refunded. 

Auto-Renewal: This agreement will renew each year automatically. If you are set up for automatic payments, we will continue billing with that method as long as the agreement remains active.  If you would like to cancel automatic service renewal and billing, you must submit your request to cancel by email or phone in keeping with our Termination of Service policy.

Termination of Service: If the client wishes to cancel a service visit they need to contact the office as soon as possible to be removed from the schedule. Clients can email or call the office to request the cancellation. In the event of termination of service, cancelled services will lose any discount pricing (example: multi-application plan discount pricing). Special Note: If an overseeding service is canceled, the cost of the seed will be charged to the client due to the lead time needed to purchase the seed. The seed will be delivered upon customer request but abuse of this policy can result in forfeiture of the seed. Please click HERE for a copy of the agreement.

Notice of Damages: In the event damage to a client’s property occurs, our crew has been instructed to notify our office as soon as possible We take pride in our reputation and as soon as we are made aware of an event, we will contact the client and inform them what happened as well as what steps we will take to remedy the situation. In the event damage to property or property fixtures by a Tifway Lawn, LLC employee occurs but was not discovered by the crew on site, the client is required to notify the office within two days (48 hours) of date of service. In most cases, Tifway Lawn, LLC will address the issue within two to five business days after receiving the client’s request. In some cases it may take longer, depending on circumstances beyond Tifway Lawn, LLC’s control (example: weather).

Watering Practices: Most of the products we use require proper watering practices. Water is one of the most basic things that all living things need. Although natural watering, such as rain, is beneficial, without enough water plants will struggle to grow.. If the lawn is not watered properly, we cannot make any guarantees about the effectiveness of our treatments. Those with irrigation systems will need to set up an appropriate schedule to allow your lawn and plants to get the amount of water they need. We are more than happy to recommend a watering schedule we feel will help give you the best looking lawn possible. For additional information on Basic Watering Practices, CLICK HERE.

Pets/Domesticated Animals: We at Tifway Lawn, LLC. are pet owners ourselves so we know how important they are to our clients. We will strive to contact pet owners before performing service to notify them that we will be coming soon. We use products that are allowed by federal/state law for treating turf where pets could be exposed. We follow instructions provided by the manufacturers for safe application. Older/sensitive pets can be sensitive to some products. Please contact the office if you notice any reaction. Products are typically safe within one hour of application but we will notify you if extra time is needed. Any medical bills due to a pet related injury to a technician will be the responsibility of the homeowner. Proof of vaccinations is required in the event of said injury.  

Outdoor pets can cause additional damage to treated areas. Tifway Lawn, LLC will try to make your property look its best but animal waste, such as urine and feces, can cause extensive damage if not taken care of in a timely manner. Animals can also cause compaction in commonly traveled areas. This can inhibit grass growth and cause weeds to flourish. Tifway Lawn, LLC is not responsible for any damage due to animals. 

Services: We will perform all the services agreed upon. Services within a program are done on a schedule based on the date of last service visit. Services not in a program will be performed at the optimal time for that service. 

If a client wishes to postpone a service due to, but not limited, hosting an outdoor gathering, yard work preventing service being done, etc…. the client will need to contact our office as soon as possible so that the service may be put on hold. The client also understands that postponing a service may cause it to be skipped due to change over to the next round within the program. Any service refused without a 24 hour notice can result in a canceled service fee.

Every scheduled visit will be performed unless notified otherwise. Schedules are set to maximize performance; due to uncontrollable conditions such as weather and traffic we cannot specify an exact time of service and we reserve the right to change the scheduled date. We offer free maintenance visits during the year.

Yards signs will be posted near the driveway entrance as a reminder to keep children and pets off the lawn as well as proof of visit. Be aware, due to theft or other unforeseen events, it is possible for a yard sign to be displaced before being seen and therefore not proof of missed visit. Please contact the office for date and times of visits. Yard signs are disposable and can be thrown away.

Non-Traditional Lawn Care/Tree Care Services: These are services that are not performed on turf or trees. This includes landscape services performed on areas such as flower beds and other landscape areas. Tifway Lawn, LLC. is willing, on a case by case basis, to perform such services using our experience to determine the best treatment options upon customer request. We cannot be responsible for any apparent or real damage to these areas.

Fungus Related Issue Notification: Fungus can affect all types of grasses. Fungal infestations can cause discoloration, keep in mind that inadequate watering, higher than normal temperatures, and insects are also some causes of discoloration. If you notice discoloration or dead spots, please notify us as soon as possible so we can determine the cause and what steps are needed to resolve the issue. This is critical because a fungal infestation can kill the whole lawn in a very short time.

It is highly recommended to get a preventative fungicide program provided by us. Because by the time you see the fungus, it is too late for preventative measures. Fungicide curative programs require increased chemical rates and are drastically more expensive than preventing the fungus in the first place. Discoloration will have to grow out after several cuttings. For further information please GO HERE.

Overseeding: Tifway Lawn, LLC will not be responsible for death of new seed due to leaf cover or improper after care outlined in the Seeding After Care AVAILABLE HERE. The client is encouraged to take proper aftercare steps or the new seed can die. We also will not be responsible for damages due to unforeseeable acts of nature, which can erode the soil. We will work with you if an issue should arise, but it will be up to the discretion of our technicians if we will ultimately fix an issue caused by leaf cover or unforeseeable acts of nature. Overseeding typically starts in late August and continues until around October 15th. At Tifway Lawn, LLC.’s discretion, overseeding could be done later than October 15th but we cannot guarantee the seed will germinate due to weather conditions. In the event of severe cold, the seedlings can die and Tifway Lawn, LLC. is not responsible for results. Overseeding is meant to help lawns recover from heat stress and disease and not a substitute for installing sod. It could take 2-3+ seasons to fill in areas enough to get sod type results, assuming additional services are performed for the client’s turf type. Please contact the office for recommended services for your turf type.

Aeration and Aerovating: Tifway Lawn, LLC will not be responsible for any damage to any cables, wires, irrigation pipes or heads, lines etc., which are not installed deeper than 6″ below ground level. Tifway Lawn, LLC will not be responsible for damaging any invisible fences on the property. In order to prevent any damages, we ask that you let us know of any unsecured cables, wires, irrigation pipes or heads, lines etc., or invisible fences so that our technicians can mark (flag) potential areas of concern. Tifway Lawn, LLC is not responsible for damages that accrue to termite boxes or other hidden boxes that have not been marked clearly.

Mole Control: Mole traps are the preferred method of controlling moles but is not a 100% guaranteed solution to mole infestations. Traps can only be placed on surface tunnels and can take time to trap moles that use those tunnels.. Any traps placed by Tifyway Lawn, LLC. remain the property of Tifway Lawn, LLC. Our technicians can show you how to look for sprung traps, what to do to dispose of the mole, and reset traps. A service call can be placed to have technicians check traps and dispose of captured moles. A service call fee and per mole disposal fee will apply. You are responsible for any damage costs and/or replacement costs of any traps provided by Tifway Lawn, LLC. Mole Bait, although not as effective as traps, can be used if allowed by local laws.

Fescue – Preventative Fungicide Program (4 Rounds): The fungicide application lasts 14-28 days on average and will help prevent and alleviate the fungus. We live in the transition zone and fescue is difficult to grow and maintain in this zone due to high humidity and heat for prolonged periods of time. Other factors that may have a negative effect include but are not limited to: irrigation, soil quality, heat stress/sun spots/hot spot areas near concrete surfaces/hot spot areas near blacktop surface, turf cutting maintenance, blade sharpness when cutting. These factors may give the appearance of fungus but in fact may not be.

Special Considerations and Notes:

  • Sometimes due to unforeseen weather ie (rain, wind, snow, ice) we will double app. An example would be applying Round 1 And Round 2 in one visit. 
  • If you are signed up with the 4 Round Fungicide applications, we will combine these services with your 7 Step program.  An example would be Round 4 micro nutrients combined with Round 1 Fungicide applied at one time.
  • On the rare condition that we are behind due to health or weather, we might have to double app and sometimes triple app depending on the circumstance.
  • Tifway Lawn, LLC is not responsible for damage to lawn ornaments that have not been removed prior to application from any equipment used by Tifway Lawn, LLC. An example would be path lights, yard flags, and other inground lighting.
  • Tifway Lawn, LLC is not responsible for fences/latches not working that are not in good working conditions prior to the treatment.
  • Tifway Lawn, LLC is not responsible in the event that the home owner gives incorrect or inaccurate information about property lines. For example, telling or showing technicians the wrong areas to spray on a property.

Privacy Notice

Effective: January 1, 2021


This Privacy Policy (this “Policy”) describes how Tifway Lawn, LLC (“Tifway Lawn,” “we,” “us” or similar phrases) collects, uses and safeguards the information you may provide to us via this website and our other online locations, including web applications, mobile applications and social media (collectively, the “Sites”).  Please review the following to understand how we process and safeguard personal data about you.

This Policy replaces all previous disclosures we may have provided to you about our information practices with respect to the Sites and any services that are otherwise available through the Sites.  We reserve the right, at any time, to modify, alter and/or update this Policy, and any such modifications, alterations or updates will be effective upon our posting of the revised Policy.  If Tifway Lawn makes any material changes to this Policy, in addition to posting the revised Policy to the Sites, Tifway Lawn will notify you in the manner and to the extent required by law.  Your continued use of the services we provide to you or which are otherwise available through the Sites following our posting of any revised Policy will constitute your acknowledgement of the amended Policy.

By using our website or otherwise obtaining services from us, and/or by voluntarily providing personal data to us, you acknowledge that you have read, understand and accept the practices contained in this Policy.


We may collect a variety of personal data (meaning information about an individual from which that person can be identified) from and about you, in a number of situations.  The types of data we collect will depend on how you use the Sites and/or your relationship with Tifway Lawn.

We collect personal information you choose to provide to us in connection with your activities on the Sites, which may include your name, email and mailing address, phone number, credit card and other payment information and similar information.  In addition, for each visitor to the Sites, we automatically collect certain other potentially identifying information through logging and analytics tools and as a result of your use of and access to the Sites.  This information includes (as applicable) browser type and version, operating system and network, referring/exit pages, date/time stamp, whether you are a new or returning visitor, and frequency of visits.  We collect and store this information only in aggregate, or combined, form.  We do not connect it to an individual user’s personal information.

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If you submit a resume or seek to fulfill other staffing requirements, we will use that information solely in connection with your application for current or future staffing requirements, and we may also share your resume or application information with our business partners or affiliates that have staffing requirements for which you may be qualified.

Additional uses of your non-personal and personal information will allow us to tailor products and services specific to your needs, to help organize and manage our relationship with you or your business, to conduct business, to provide you with customer and guest support, and to perform functions that are described to you at the time of collection.

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We reserve the right to provide non-personal information, such as aggregated data, to third parties.


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