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We offer many special services beyond our expert lawn treatment.

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Rock Area Treatment (4 Visits):

Liquid pre and post emergent weed control for rock areas. This application will target weeds during the germination process and kill any existing weeds.

Insecticide [Flea and Tick] (6 Visits):

This program helps control insects like fleas, ticks, cockroaches, centipedes, silverfish, and crickets within your lawn. Treatments will be done 6 times in a season (April-October).

Grub Control:

This service uses systemic and contact insecticide targeted towards white grubs, cutworms, army worms, mole crickets, weevil larvae, and misc. insects.

Mosquito Control (7 Visits):

Using a special blend of insecticides, we can reduce the mosquito population in your yard, lasting approximately 3 weeks.

Landscape Weed Control Program (7 Visits):

Liquid pre and post emergent for controlling crabgrass, nutsedge, grassy and broadleaf weeds in your landscaped areas throughout the season. Requires enrollment in a 7 step lawn care program.

Soil Sampling:

This includes testing for macro and micro nutrients. We will provide recommendations for correcting minor and major element deficiencies based on your current levels. Recommended treatments will be customized to your plants' needs and we will also provide a special soil analysis report with an easy to read display of results.

Total Kill for Bareground:

This service is used to clear plants and vegetation growing in the treated area for up to six months. This is used for gravel driveways, fence rows, industrial sites, or anywhere you do not want plant growth.

Top Dressing:

We use a combination of peat moss, sand, and compost to help with drainage, compaction, seed germination, and adding organic material to the soil. This may use one or all three of the products listed above based on the unique needs of your turf.


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