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Weed Control and Lawn Care Services for Northwest Arkansas and Southwest Missouri, based in Anderson, MO.

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We provide our weed control and landscape services to the South Missouri and Northwest Arkansas (Bella Vista, Bentonville) areas. 

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We offer several lawncare services to keep your lawn and garden looking its best year-round! – including Weed Control and Fertilization, Landscape Services, Aeration and Overseeding, Mole and Nuisance Lawn Pest Control.

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DIY Tips

Our expert lawn care specialists share their best DIY tips that will help you to have a fabulous, healthy lawn between services!

Helping you understand your lawn for the best weed control and landscape service results.

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Tifway Lawn, LLC proudly supports our troops and the Greencare for Troops Project. This initiative provides lawn care and landscape services, including weed control and lawn pest control, to families of currently deployed military personnel.

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